Saturday, June 9, 2012

Improving your posture when you stand, walk, and sit can help increase your height by as much as 2 inches (5 cm).

Here is how to improve your posture when you stand and walk:

1. Hold your shoulders back, tighten your bottom, and straighten your back.

2. Look straight ahead at eye level, so that your head is evenly poised above the spine and your chin is at right angles to your neck.

3. Keep your shoulders straight by pushing your chest up and out, to avoid a hunched back.

4. Tuck in your tummy. A bulging stomach is a feature of an unattractive posture.

Initially you might have to make a conscious effort to maintain this posture, but later on it will come naturally to you. All this will give you a graceful carriage and make you feel fit.

Here is how to improve your posture when you sit:
1. The head, shoulders, and hips should be aligned (not twisted).

2. Sit up straight with your back supported.

3. Your back should be snug against the seat back or support cushion fitting your spinal contour. This reduces stress on the spinal column and also prevents crowding of internal organs.

4. Shoulders should be relaxed (not lifted up).

5. Uppers Arms should be relaxed and at your side.

6. Forearms should be parallel to the floor as they extend to the keyboard.

7. Wrists should be straight - fingers in natural, neutral positions.

8. Chair Seat - supports thighs evenly without excessive pressure on the back of the thighs or calves.

9. Feet are flat on the floor or foot rest.

10. Avoid sitting static for a long duration of time. Get up and stretch:

* Take off your shoes if you are wearing high heels, and stand with your feet flat on the floor, about shoulder width apart. Extend both arms to your left and stretch your body gently but fully in that direction. Relax. Repeat the exercise, this time reaching to the right. Now reach with both hands up towards the ceiling, continuing to look straight ahead. Really reach as hard and as high as you can, extending the stretch until you is standing up on your toes.

* This one is very good for relaxing sore neck and shoulder muscles that have been strained by poor posture. First move your head slowly to the left, and hold it for a couple of seconds. Roll your head forward, looking down at your chest, until you are looking towards the right. Be careful not to make any sudden, jerky moves, which will strain your neck muscles further. Repeat this gentle rolling and stretching motion a few more times, until your neck muscles feel more relaxed.

* Shoulder rolls are also effective remedies for muscles strained by an incorrect posture. Make gentle "windmills” with your arms, in a backwards direction, five or six times. Repeat the rolls, this time rotating your arms forward. Finish off by inhaling deeply, and shrugging your shoulders as high as you can, slowly and thoroughly. Relax, dropping your shoulders back to their natural level, and exhale fully.

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